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Dental X-rays provide important information about the health of your teeth and jaws, and they’re completely painless. Dr. Rick Sodergren and Dr. Deborah Gur-Arie will determine how often you should have a dental X-ray depending on your oral health and other factors. First Impressions Dental Care in Renton, Washington, offers state-of-the-art digital X-rays for patients of all ages, helping ensure every patient receives customized care optimized for their needs.

X-ray Q & A

How often do I need to have dental X-rays?

Frequency of dental X-rays depends on factors such as: your oral health, overall health, and risk factors for gum disease or other oral health problems. Some people with good oral health may need to have dental X-rays every year or two while others may need to have X-rays every six months as part of their routine cleaning and checkup appointment, especially if they have an ongoing or chronic oral health problem like moderate to severe gum disease.

What happens during a dental X-ray?

Before your X-rays, you’ll need to put on a lead apron to protect you from the radiation emitted by the X-ray machine. You’ll then be given a small piece of plastic to bite down on. The plastic contains the X-ray film. Multiple views will be taken to show your entire mouth, and you’ll need to exchange the film for each view. X-rays take just a few moments, and they’re completely painless.

Why are dental X-rays important?

Dental X-rays provide Dr. Sodergren and Dr. Gur-Arie with important information about the health of your teeth and jaws that they just can’t obtain with a visual and “hands-on” dental exam. A dental X-ray provides details about the root portions of your teeth as well as the jaw bones, looking for issues like infections or decay around the root pocket or inside the deeper portions of the teeth. Many oral health issues can develop deep below the gums, causing damage that can’t be detected until serious consequences occur. Plus, dental X-rays can be very useful in pediatric dentistry, helping to identify potential problems with the formation, development, and placement of adult teeth before they emerge, which in turn can help determine if early orthodontic intervention might be in order.

Are dental X-rays safe?

Yes, dental X-rays are completely safe. Our office uses digital X-ray technology that relies on less radiation while still producing very detailed images to make it easier than ever to evaluate the tooth structures located below the gums as well as the jaw bones. Plus unlike traditional film-based dental X-rays, digital X-rays can be stored on a computer and they don’t use chemicals for developing, so they’re environmentally friendly.